bad-mitterndorf-1-oBad Mitterndorf and the Alpenstrasse

From the city starts the Alpenstrasse, which is a paid road offering a drive up to Tauplitzalm through a quite steep serpentine, which is a great challenge for bikers as well. Alpenstrasse



This cosy little Alpine town is part of the world heritage. It is situated beside the Hallstatter lake, part of the Salskammergut lakes. One of the oldest salt mines can be found here. You can take a walk on the atmospheric old streets or take a bout trip on the lake.


Bad Ischl

This is one of the largest towns around the Salskammergut lakes. It is worth takeing the whole day to discover the inner city, wander around the local monuments and buy some of the famous Bad Ischl salt.


Dachstein-i KrippensteinbahnThe Ice cave of Dachstein

The Castle of the Holy Grail, Parsifal Dome and King Arthur’s Dome: all of these fairytale names conceal fascinating scenes of ice and stone which you can enjoy at close range during a visit to the ice cave.

Accompanied by experienced cave guides, you can explore the magical underground world of Dachstein. The spectacular ice sculptures, gigantic ice curtains and impressive giant icicles never fail to captivate with their special magic! The mystical cave of ice and rock enchants even the youngest guests of magical cave. Every year in August, the Parsifal Dome is transformed into a unique concert hall. The musical ice concerts are a guaranteed treat for the ears.

5 ujj Obertraun

Obertaun 5Fingers

The “5fingers”are the absolute highlight of the newly staged Hiking world on the Dachstein plateau and rank among the most spectacular viewpoints of the Alps. The platform horizontally “towers” – just like a hand – above where the mountain cliff drops into a 400m abyss. Five distinct stages, 4x1m, offer dramatic “insights and outlooks”. One stage is made of glass and another “finger” provides a baroque-like frame in order to have specially framed World Heritage photos of Hallstatt taken. The”5fingers” are illuminated until midnight to then be noticed even from distant places. “The journey is the reward” is the perfect motto for the footpath leading to the platform, as an additional viewpoint awaits on the way from the cable car top station to the Pioneer Cross.

The “worldNATURALheritage” viewpoint, just above the Krippenstein Lodge, shows an outstanding panorama of the two glaciers. The barrier-free path to this platform guarantees access to “high alpine experience” for everyone.


Altausee sóbányaAltausee salt mine

Seemingly endless tunnels lead into the depths of the mountain, lined by shimmering walls of coloured rock-salt in infinite patterns. Enchanted visitors to the largest active salt mine in Austria are led past the “Chamber of Inner Light” and the “Chapel of St Barbara” before sliding down into the heart of the mountain on two miners’ slides directly to the subterranean salt lake. With its unique sound and light presentation, the lake is an unforgettable experience for the entire family. The diversity of the Altaussee Salt Mine fascinates young and old with a stimulating mixture of fun, excitement, wonder and knowledge.

During the Second World War, the tunnels of this mine were used to store invaluable works of art, including masterpieces by Michelangelo, Dürer, Rubens and Vermeer.

Altaussee salt mine entry fee

Adult: € 16,00

Child (4-15 years old): €  8,00

Family (2 adults+1 child): € 34,00



A truly beautiful advent fair is set up here every year